Cash payment by mail instructions:

These instructions will be e-mailed to you after placing an order to be paid for by cash.

Sending funds procedure:

1. Wrap funds in paper.

2. Put funds into a birthday, wedding, or graduation card to disguise the payment as a gift. (Feel free to write a fun note to Anna Bullock!)

3. Try to use high denomination bills – less space, less suspicious.

4. Seal the card into an envelope.

5. Put that envelope into an Express Post envelope or bubble envelope.

6. Send funds by Express Post (cheapest but 2-4 days delivery) or UPS Saver (pricey but 1-2 days) to the following address (address will be visible after placing your order):


7. Once funds have been sent out, e-mail us the tracking number along with your order number to – this way, we can both see the progress of the shipment until it is delivered to us.

Please note: If we do not receive an e-mail that you have sent the funds within 5 business days of you placing your order, it will be cancelled.

Once we receive the payment, we will make every effort to have your order shipped out the same day, but most likely it will be shipped the following day. We will keep you informed through our normal order processing procedures and e-mails.

Unfortunately, until the tracking shows that your payment has been delivered to our mailbox, you are still responsible for the funds. Once it shows delivered, we are then responsible and we will process and ship your order.