Complete Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Stack #1


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Included in this stack:

  • 4 5000iu vials hCG
  • 1 bacteriostatic sodium chloride
  • 3 packs Clomid (Innovagen Serophene) 25mg/50tabs
  • 6 packs Nolvadex (Innovagen Noltam) 10mg/30tabs


hCG: 2000iu every other day for 20 days

Clomid: 50mg twice per day for 30 days

Nolvadex: 20mg twice per day for 45 days

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This PCT program begins with a substantial dose of hCG (2000iu EOD for the first 20 days). Anti-estrogens are also used during this period. This is potentially important because hCG may up-regulate testicular aromatase activity. Thus, their use can minimize both estrogenic side effects and reduce the negative feedback inhibition of testosterone release. The anti-estrogens taken are Nolvadex (tamoxifan citrate) 20mg twice per day and Clomid (clomiphene citrate) 50mg twice a day. Clomid is used for a shorter period of time, in a stepping down of the program’s medications. While in the first couple of weeks the anti-estrogens may not be highly effective, they should prove more critical towards the end of the program.

The timing for a PCT program can be as important as its composition. If it is initiated too late, valuable days of normal hormone levels (and also some muscle mass) may be lost. If you start too early, you miss the optimal window of effectiveness. The 20-day period of time in which hCG is used is the most critical, and thus we time the PCT program around this medication. In particular, we want to make sure that the hCG is being applied right around the time that exogenous steroids are dropping below the threshold of physiological androgen stimulation. In the case of testosterone (the easiest drug to understand and explain), this would be right before blood levels drop below the normal level (350ng/dL). There should be a small overlap with the on-cycle period, so that the hCG has little time to work before AAS levels are completely diminished.

The exact timing for PCT program is determined by the elimination half-life of the drug(s) used. We will use testosterone cypionate/enanthate as an example. We know each injection has an elimination half-life of approximately 8 days. A dose of 200mg/week should produce blood levels of around 2000-2400ng/dL after several weeks of use. It would take about 3 half lives (24 days) for testosterone levels to drop to approximately 250-300ng/dL at that dose. Thus, PCT program would be initiated a few days to one week after the last testosterone injection. The program would be delayed with higher doses. For example, 500mg/week should take approximately 4 half lives (32 days) for testosterone to drop below normal range. In this case, PCT would be initiated about two weeks after the last testosterone injection. With an orals-only cycle (with no extended half-life due to an injection site reservoir), PCT is initiated 7-10 days before the last steroid pills are taken.