Equipoise (Teragon Labs Bold) 250mg/mL (10mL)


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What is Boldenone Undecylenate?

Many people think that Boldenone is the same as dianabol but it is not true since there is a difference. Equipose does not possess 17AA as dianabol, which has 8 hours of half life. However, Equipose has a long undecylenate ester chain and therefore it has its oil base. And again, Boldenone undecylenate primarily has an oily or syrupy structure.

Finally, liver enzymes will cut off the ester chain. As a result it gets the opportunity to function with the muscles androgen receptors.


What you should know about Teragon Bold’s side effects:

Teragon Bolds side effects are not as severe as of other drugs. However, some mild effects are still present. Those include oily skin, acne, prostrate issues, facial hair growth and hair loss.
The most unpleasant side effect is acne that appears on chest, back and shoulders. People who suffer from acne should certainly use medications and cosmetic products against this side effect.

Another effect from Teragon Bold is an increased appetite. People who take this drug complain that always want to eat. It is recommended to start taking of EQ with low doses in order to hold appetite.


Teragon Bolds Half Life

Teragon Bold has very long lasting 14 days half life. Moreover, a lot of time (even years) is needed to rid the body of this compound. Those people who are actively competing do not to use this drug.


Teragon Bold Doses

Bodybuilders and athletes take this steroid in order to increase strength, muscle growth and red blood cells production. During bulking cycles this drug gradually gives positive results. Bodybuilders like to administrate from 300mg to 600mg per week, and this can be taken for 12 weeks.
Nowadays Teragon Bold has become frequently used among power lifters. Because of its mild side effects it seems to be better than Deca Durabolin. During intense trainings, Teragon Bold passes more blood to muscles.

In medicine this drug is used aiming to enhances erythropotein, which is responsible for bone marrow growth stimulation that in its turn increases red blood cells and hemoglobin production. As a result, more oxygen is carried to the muscles. Since this drug possesses mineral corticoid peculiarities it may also change electrolyte levels.

The recommended dose for males constitutes 400-600mgs per week and for females it is 25-50 mgs per week. Females should take cautions and use very low doses.

Teragon Bold can be used in several interesting ways, e.g., in combination with trenbolone to reduce the Teragon Bold dose while maintaining a similar anabolic effect and the required number of aromatese inhibitors.

It can also be taken in combination with Masteron or Primobolan instead of testosterone as hormone replacement therapy. The advantage of this combination is a lower production of dihydrotestosterone. These combined Teragon Bold cycles are very effective and recommended by professional athletes and coaches.