Helios (Innovagen) 55.5mg/50 tabs


You think you sweat a lot while training now? Wait until you add Helios to your supplement plan!

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Innovagen Helios offers the perfect combination of key ingredients to promote fat loss when combined with a proper nutrition plan and cardiovascular activity.

You think you sweat a lot while training now? Wait until you add Innovagen Helios to your supplement plan!

Innovagen Helios tablets contain:

50mg Caffeine
2.5mg Yohimbine
2.5mg Albuterol
0.5mg Nicotine

The ingredients in Innovagen Helios can cause a surge in energy, increases endurance and speeds up metabolism. It also promotes weight loss and suppresses appetite. Yohimbine can treat erectile dysfunction and stimulate male libido and elevates mood by increasing domapine production.

If you work out properly and take Helios, you will most definitely achieve your desired results much faster. Body fat can be stubborn sometimes, and that’s when products like these come in handy.

Both thermogenesis and hormone regulation work to prepare your body for long hard training sessions. Appetite suppression will get rid of those cravings for fatty foods, so you can start eating healthy more easily.

Start with 1 tablet twice a day and gradually increase to 2 tablets twice a day as your tolerance increases. Experienced users can use 2 tablets three times a day – but be aware – if taken too late in the day it may be difficult to fall asleep.

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